The Shell Seekers




The Shell Seekers tells the story of Penelope Keeling, the daughter of unconventional parents (an artist father and his much-younger French wife). The play shifts in time as she examines her past relationships with her adult children. Penelope’s life from young womanhood to the present is revealed in pieces, from her own point of view and those of her children. When Penelope and her children discover that her most treasured possession, her father’s painting, The Shell Seekers, is now worth a small fortune, it is Penelope who must make the decisions that will determine whether they can continue to survive as a family, or be split apart.

Ann Warr is to produce the play and the cast is as following:


Penelope      Jenny Stock      Roy Brookner        Terry Collister

Olivia            Helen Evans      Ellen                       Anne Condon

Nancy   Lynette Clement      George             To be confirmed

Noel          John Mulligan      Antonia                   Anna Nelson

Lawrence        Bob Croft       Young Penny          Faye Hunter

Danus/Richard    Adam Stubbs

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