When We Are Married

By J B Priestley

Directed by Sue Bower

Heswall Hall 7th to 9th November 2013


Ruby Birtle                                   Catherine Brown

Gerald Forbes                              Duncan Worman

Mrs Northop                                 Julie Khayati

Fred Dyson                                   Kevin Roberts

Henry Ormonroyd                         Ian Copestake

Alderman Joseph Helliwell            Nigel Scott

Maria Helliwell                              Jenny Stock

Councillor Albert Parker                Terry Collister

Herbert Soppitt                              Les Wollen 

Clara  Soppitt                                 Anne Condon

Annie Parker                                  Carys Cooper

Lottie Grady                                   Lynette Clement

Rev Clement Mercer                     Tony Bagnall

Stage Manager  Denise Wheatley;  Assistant Stage Manager Sue Brown;  Props Linda Nuttall, Ann Traill, Barbara Montgomery; Wardrobe  Mary Hardy, Carole Lunt, Julie Khayati; Sound & Lights Nigel Cooper & Brenda Marshall

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